Convict Records of Australia

Are you the descendant of a convict?

Utilising just released data from the State Library of Queensland, I have put together a searchable database of the British Convict transportation register. Over 123,000 of the 160,000 convicts transported to Australia are in this database – check out your families Convict Records!

I have already found some interesting facts – Did You Know: 603 convicts carried the name John Smith – the most common name in the records?

Don’t miss the convict facts for all sorts of weird and interesting things.  Over time I will be adding information about the First Fleet, Second Fleet and Third Fleet, the lifestyle of convicts and more.

Did I mention its free?

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  1. Great site, managed to confirm details of a direct descendent William Lingard of Tideswell. He was a very ‘naughty boy’ having spent most of his time in Iron gangs or gaol or undergoing punishment (lashes etc)
    Escaped and recaptured. In irons for a year
    Escaped in 1839 with five other and became bush rangers
    Recaptured after shoot out
    Sent to Norfolk Island
    Survived and was sent to VDL in 1844
    Gained and lost ToL
    Regained ToL
    CP on 22/6/1852 and then disappears from records
    Additional information: the ship used to take him from Norfolk Island to VDL was the Lady Franklin.
    I’ve no idea on where I might go looking for him 1852 onwards?

  2. With regards to the Coromandel and the Perseus, the convict ships which sailed together from Spithead in 1802. I have the sailing date of both ships, what happened on the voyage of the Perseus. I also have the break up of the convicts who sailed on each ship and also what happened to most of the convicts on the Perseus, after they arrived in Sydney Cove. I have notes from the Log of the Perseus, especially the two days before they arrived in Port Jackson, which is very intersting indeed. My husband’s ggg grandfather was John Pearce/Pearse, a 26 year old farmer from Eling near the New Forest in Hampshire, tried for poaching the Kings Deer in the New Forest, in the Great Hall in Winchester. He was sentenced to death, which was commuted to transportation for Life. He was assigned to Lt, Nicholas Paget Bayley as his Hut Keeper and later he was assigned to Baron August Alt, the first Surveyor Gerneral of Lands in the Colony, who arrived on the First Fleet. John became a Police officer, after his received his Conditional Pardon, he married another convict Mary Lees (Friendship 1806), they had two sons Robert and Richard. After John received his Conditional Pardon, he became a Police Officer and served in the force for over 20 years, while his wife Mary ran the Freemason’s Hotel in Castlereagh Street in Brickfield Hill, which was built on his Land Grant.

    Cheers Janice

  3. Correction:-

    I made an error, Mary Lees the Colonial wife of John Pearce/Pearse, did not arrive on the Friendship, she arrived on the William Pitt in 1806, she was tried at Lancaster Castle and sentecned to 7 years with three of her nieces, Ann Hughes, Ellen McIntosh and Catherine Frazer. It was convict Elizabeth McGuiness (Maginnis) who arrived on the Friendship in 1816, with her two children Thomas 7 and Elizabeth 5. Young Elizabeth, married in 1832 Richard, the Colonial born son, of John Pearce/Pearse and Mary Lees.

    Cheers – Janice

  4. This database is an excellent resource and much more accessible than the SLQ source. As I am a researcher my interest is in convicts as a group rather than in individuals. I would particularly like to know whether the database contains any information about literacy levels and the occupations of convicts, both before and after transportation to Australia (the occupation was often recorded on the ship’s indent, which can be difficult to access).

  5. Hello Steve
    I was wondering why there is no information on the convict ship ‘Neva’ which sailed from Cork, Ireland in1835. I know the ‘Neva’ was shipwrecked of King Island, Tasmanian 12 May 1835 and there were only 6 convict survivors, one being my great-great grandmother Margaret DRURY. I have some records of the other survivors but was wondering what others who left Cork and never made it do you know if the are list of convicts who were on board ships?

  6. Very interesting web site I have spent half the day reading.
    I was looking for information on Amos Hilton convicted York Assizes (stealing yarn)b.1801. convicted1828, transported 1829 N.S.W. Cert.F.1833. sent to Norfolk (stealing Sheep) transported back on “Governor Phillip”Cert.F 1937. Could you advise me where to find Death Date abd if he married in Australia. Thank You Pat.

  7. Hi Steve,
    I saw that you had a page on a John Reeves, who was convicted in 1847 and transported to Australia in 1848.
    I’m wondering if you are related in some way?
    I presume this is my, who I am trying to find more information on.
    Hopefully you can get back to me,
    cheers, Jennifer

  8. Dear steve – I cannot get the Contribute button to work for me – sorry – on the Convict records site, for ships arriving in 1835.
    The Lady McNaughten arrived in October 1835 with approx 200 convicts aboard, including my ancestor John Skelly(Scally).

  9. Hi from the UK. Not on facebook, so cannot work out how to contribute. Below is data on two brothers you have listed. Use what ever you feel might be relevant.
    Two brothers: Two of their 12 children.

    Parents: William Dickerson & Sarah Millington. Married 13 January 1807, Balsham.

    William Dickerson – “Bardaster” 1935.

    Full name: William Thomas Millington Dickerson. Christened 12 March 1820, Balsham, Cambridgeshire.
    Married: Ann Brand – 1 June 1831, Christ Church, Spitalfields, Stepney, London
    Children: Mary Emma Dickerson – 18 August 1832, Balsham
    Elizabeth Brand Dickerson – 3 February 1834 Balsham

    Convicted: 9 March 1835 – Essex Assizes – 7 years transportation.

    Permission to marry: 8 September 1841 Convict William Dickerson permission to marry Mary Ann Madden (free)

    Married: Mary Ann Madden – 6 May 1842, Hamilton, Tasmania. Ref CON 52/1/2, p.34. RGD37/2,
    Children: Mary Ann Elizabeth Dickerson – 24 Oct 1841, Hamilton
    John James Dickerson – 2 June 1843, Ouse, Tasmania
    William Joseph Dickerson – 1845, Ouse, Tasmania

    Mary Ann Madden emigrated 18 June 1833, arrived 9 October 1833 in Hobart, Tasmania on “Edward Colston” from Liverpool.


    John Dickerson – “Cornwall” 1851

    Christened: 14 September, 1815, Balsham
    Convicted: 26 July 1845 – Ipswich – Suffolk Assizes – 15 years for inciting a person to assault Mr Ruffles.
    Transported: 1851

    Married: Elizabeth Havers – 1 January 1845, Haverhill, Suffolk. Elizabeth never remarried.

  10. New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia Convict Musters, 1806-1849

    Name: Patrick Walsh
    Hi there Steve. Great website but can’t find one of my convicts PATRICK WALSH ALIAS ROBERT MAXWELL on Hyderabad Voyage 2. Was from County Cork
    Patrick Walsh [Robert Maxwell]
    Convict 22043 Vessel Hyderabad (Voyage 2)
    300 Male convicts on board Departure 23rd May 1849
    Kingston, Dublin Arrival 26th August
    Hobart, V.D.L

    Walsh, Patrick Convict Stealing a candle stick County Cork 4 March 1848 7 years

  11. Can you give me any further information on John Pell who arrived in Tas. on the Southworth in 1831. I believe he married my ancester Mary Jane Carmody.

  12. Such sad Valuable information. A must to read and sob.. We are cruel.
    A comment by “MARY GORDON” one of your contributors – How can I send her a message? Think she is related to my half brother..
    Could not see a way to follow up with contributors.. Good site
    Mary Gordon on 17th February, 2013 wrote:
    She had 3 children with husband Thomas Trapnell before being transported, Harriet, John and Leah, who were left behind in England. I am the 3G granddaughter of the youngest, Leah, who used the surname Trotman, and married John Hyatt, a sailor, in 1823 in Bristol.

  13. Please note that the vessel Bussorah Marchant had 3 trips to the colony. One was in 1831.

  14. My grand father was walter edward norwood lucas, his great grand father was thomas lucas and i assume his wife was ann howard. can you clarify this for me

  15. The book in the State Library of New South Wales titled “The Convict Ships” at page 342 lists the ship Agamemnon with these details : –
    Arrived 22 September 1820, 542 tons, built at Sunderland in 1811, Master Rbt Surtees, Surgeon Jas. Hall, sailed 3 May 1820 from P’mouth, Route Rio, 142 days. At page 383 it states that 179 males embarked, one male death, landed 178 males.

  16. Mr. Thomas, your website is extremely interesting. I found the names of two individuals, Thomas Bodell and John Bodell, in your convict list. How do I find out the personals and particulars of these men?

    I thank you for your time.

  17. Could you give me any information on Anne Hearne and who was her parents, I’m looking for the a family Hearne, a Ellen Hearne abt 1827 married John Thomas Barnes a Anne Hearne name if each others children baptisms, and both from Meadow Flats NSW. Would like to know if there is a family connection.
    Regards Daphne (thank you)

  18. Where can I obtain a Photo copy of the “Clyde” convict ship to W.A. 1863 with John Eaton & Thomas Fox
    Eaton is my GG Grandfather and was sentenced to 10 years in W.A. with Fox for knocking of sheep in Worchester in 1861.
    western Australia being the only place where convicts were being sent at that time .

  19. I like to advise that the Convict ship Louisa, departed England on 21 August 1827 and arrived in New South Wales, on 3 December 1827. After a 100 day jount, which was a record at that time. Not the 21 April 1828, which was the date she return fron Batavia, after she left NSW in early Jan 1828. For your advise I include the Newspaper report of the Louisa arrival in NSW.

    The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW: 1803 – 1842) Monday 3 December 1827 Supplement: Sydney Gazette Extraordinary p 1 Article Illustrated

    THE arrival of the Louisa, Captain Smith’s female prison ship, this morning from England, in one hundred days only, impels us not to lose a moment in communicating the melancholy intelligence that we have received by this opportunity.

  20. Hello.
    I’ve posted information on Robert Side transported on the Admiral Gambia in 1808 He had a son Jonathan Side(s) by Catharine Driscal in 1819 . Robert died in1824 and
    Catherine remarried to Joseph Lee in 1825 another transportee who was described as a Weaver. My hope is that some ancestors are still around in Australia perhaps Josephs surname was changed to Lee.
    another Robert Side.

  21. james wann convict york 1832 sydney n,s.w was married to sarah haliday married1829 durham child margaret 1829 born they came to sydney where or how do the come on
    she had children 1835 1836 1838 and 1840 the last two babies died the year they were born sarah also where do the wifes go that arent convicts as she had more children from 1830 to 1841 thank you valerie wann

  22. Hi Steve,
    My name is Faye Thorne and Jac Ty-Isha (John Hughes) is my great grandfather. My question is, can you please give me the contact address for Deborah Tilley who has posted on your site 20/10/13 that she has a photo of him, and is happy to forward a copy to anyone interested. I would dearly love a photo of him having only just learnt of his Welsh name. His daughter Lydia married John Thorne who are my grandparents..
    Thank you,
    Faye. PS. Please do not publish this request. You may pass my email address on to Deborah Tilley if you wish.

  23. Hi Steve

    I don’t know who regulates or checks the facts posted by contributors but I have come across an error on one of your records in relation to a convict named Henry Bott. On the 9th of June 2012 Anonymous contributed that Henry Bott married Catherine Gadd, Port Sorell, had 8 children and was an insolvent farmer at Northdown. This information is incorrect in regards to this convict. There is a man named Henry Bott who married Catherine Gadd but he was born in 1832 not 1825. He was married to Catherine in 1855 (not 1860) at Edgbashton Parish Church, Warwickshire, England not Port Sorell. He immigrated with his wife and 2 children in 1859 – 60 aboard the Amonique – not transported as a convict. This Henry Bott is the insolvent farmer from Northdown not the convict Henry Bott. I have tried to contribute this info to his page but keep encountering errors. Please update and correct this info. As a historian I know how annoying it is when the wrong facts are presented, especially for people who are using your site as a source of info to trace their family tree.



  24. In reply to Lizzie Dawson. Yes it is the same family, you seem to have a lot more
    information about the HOLGATES than I have ,but I suppose which line you go down,
    as you can see I come I come from the black sheep side of the family.IT would be great
    if you could get in touch with me and I could fill you in what I have found out, as you
    can see from the correspondence on this page I have found a second cousin we have
    met up for the first time about 2 months ago. I also have 2 first cousins I have met in
    the past 5 yrs yes Isabella Mollineux is my 4 times G Grandmother, if you get in touch
    again there is a lot more to talk about. Kind Regards Anne Mary Jones

  25. Hello,
    I have contributed on David Byrnes (my ancestor). I am also working up a website for ‘other’ Byrnes/Burns who were early to the Colony. I would appreciate anything sent to me at john.mail AT and will include it therein with any acknowledgement desired. There are some interesting other early Byrnes’es or Burns around, e.g. a James Byrnes was hired as a Guide by the Blaxland/Wentworth/Lawson party who crossed the Blue Mountains in 1813. But finding out who he was exactly is not immediately easy.

  26. Not on Facebook. Contribution to William Nay, arrived Hobart aboard Isabella 1833, aged 12. Born 7 Jan 1820 Shoreditch, son of James Nay and Mary Ann Powell, died Gladstone Qld 1st May 1898, married Elizabeth Crothers, nee Compton, Gladstone Qld. 26 Dec 1857 – no children. Older brother Robert Nay, aged 15, transported to Sydney, arrived 3rd Aug 1833 aboard Waterloo. Crime of both boys – stealing 5 handkerchiefs from a shop. William – Land owner and Boot & Shoe Maker in Gladstone, Qld.

  27. Resarching irish convict John Scally (Skelly) who was transported on The Lady McNaughten arriving October 1835, 1 month after the arrival of the first bounty Ship from England “The Canton” on which his irish wife, Mary Brown Skelly, travelled with their 2 daughters, Betsy and Rosa.
    Any information would be gratefully received especially any of their lives in Ireland and UK before they travelled out.
    Jan Skelly

  28. Helen Dott (Ellen Dot) is an ancestor of mine (5 generations back). I have most of the details mentioned on the website but learned quite a bit from the rest. However, I would like to know where A Hogan on 16 August 2013 obtained the death date for Helen/Ellen. I haven’t been able to find it in the NSW BDM’s, although I did find Michael’s death date.

  29. Great website Steve. Nice crisp lines and good layout.

    Just a comment about the ship ‘Clara’ (or should I say two ships named ‘Clara’. The Clara that brought convicts to Western Australia in 1857 is not the same ship that brought the 1864 convicts. Same name, different build dates. They were both operating in the mid 1860s at the same time.

    Diane Oldman

  30. Shirly Ann Linnell made a convict contribution on 1st June 2014, for “Catherine Murphy” who married “John Linnell”, Catherine and John were my great great grandparents, is there any way i can get in touch with Shirley for more information. i have a lot of info about John Linnell.
    and i would like to swap and share what we have.

  31. can help out with information on John Thomas Barnes who married Ellen Herane sister to Ann Hearne. I do know who the parents are and full details on family history if wish to contact on the about email address, will repley.

  32. Am trying to trace convict William Thomas JOSEPH b. 1770. Came out as part of the third fleet and ended up on Norfolk Island. Not married to, but had a child with Ann Wilcox (or Willcock). Child names James who was one of the first settlers of Hobart Town. He changed his name to James JOSEPH. Cant find any record of William leaving Norfolk Island. Help!

  33. I am trying to trace William Heemes(incorrect spelling as in the “Convicts application to marry”records it is spelt HEMES.
    He applied to marry SARAH MASON,who arrived,I believe in 1848.
    Where I find a record of convicts marriages,births and deaths?
    Many thanks,Steve
    P.s.appreciate the fine research you are undertaking.

  34. Hi Steve
    I thought it a bit strange that when I added my ancestor James Hincks who arrived on the ship Asia in February 1825 that the other convict all came from England. I note that D Wong then added the other Irish policemen convicted with James correctly on that ship. In investigating this I happened upon the Convict Stockade site who appear to have downloaded two different lots of records for the same ship. One the same as yours and another from NSW State Records, this one correctly listing the 190 Irish convicts who arrived in Sydney on 22nd February 1825. Could the AJCP have made a mistake?

  35. Hi Steve
    I see what the problem is regarding the convicts listed on the Asia which arrived 22 Feb 1825 (this was the third voyage of the Asia). The convicts listed from the AJCP actually arrived on the Asia III on 29th April 1825. The Colonial Secretary’s indent lists it as Asia 5?

    “‘ASIA I’ [3rd voyage] Built 1819 at Aberdeen. Wood ship of 532 Tons. She carried 190 male convicts to Sydney and had no deaths en-route. She departed Cork, Ireland on the 29th of October 1824 and arrived in Sydney on the 22nd of February 1825. Master: Captain Thomas F. Stead. Surgeon: J. A. Mercer. ”

    “‘ASIA III’ Built c1821 at Bombay. Wood ship of 492 Tons. She carried 200 male convicts to Sydney and had three deaths en-route. She departed Portsmouth on the 6th of January 1825 and arrived in Sydney on the 29th of April 1825. Master: Captain William L. Pope. Surgeon: Thomas Davies. ”


    So somehow you have to change that Asia to Asia III arriving 29 April 1825 then the original convicts listed will be correct and my James Hincks and the others added by D Wong are changed to the correct Asia, I could then add the other 185 Irish convicts if you like.

  36. I have just put some Convict information on William Stearn I should have put this onto William Snowling Stearn can you please delete this.
    I have now put it on William Snowling Stearn page
    I have also added some information to Daniel & Edwards page they were William Snowling’s brothers
    Thank You Ellen

  37. I am trying to find you great grand fathers baptism certificate
    He was born in around 1835-1836 and he was born in the colonies, so I was wondering if you could help me, his name was Thomas Melbourne , he did not know his parents
    Susan Ryles

  38. Hi,
    I am reserching Joseph Winter and I have notived that a maureen sharpe had commented. If anyone can help me with information on Joseph Winter or contact Maureen or can give her my details that would be great. I am looking for where Joseph is buried.

  39. Trying to find more invitation about Mary Dial who come to Australia on the Kains Ship on the 5th July 1830! P

  40. The lady anonymous about Jane Chadwick or Shadwick is my gggg gran also would love to find out about whom her mother was . Where she came from in the early 1800 s what tribe she was from,.

  41. Mary Ann Roberts born in the colony 1792 free with unknown parents
    Had her first child or twins in 1810 with Richard Lewis arrived as a convict in 1802 freed in 1807
    Richard Lewis in 1813 was the first with George Evans to find the central western plains NSW
    Richard was then asked by William Cox to be the superintendent in charge of the first road construction to the plains
    In the Cox journals of the road construction it says it was Richard with a aboriginal friend he brought with him from Richmond that would go up to ten miles ahead of the road construction marking the trees from the road to follow a job Richard did so well and ahead of schedule he was then asked by Governor Macquarie and William Cox to be the first superintendent overseer of the central western plains first colony
    Richard was left with a few soldiers and convicts to see if they could grow wheat crops on the plains
    In Governor Macquarie’s journals it states on he’s return he could not believe what Richard had achieved in such a short time and small staff
    Governor Macquarie also commented on being greeted by Richard who was with two aboriginal men and six aboriginal children wearing bits of white man’s clothing and showing off small trinkets thay had been given something governor Macquarie took on doing himself in giving the indigenous people small trinkets
    In 1817 Richard testified against four white men for the rape and bashing to death of a aboriginal girl
    The Lewis family when on to found the town of Mudgee naming the town after a aboriginal word meaning nest in the hills bad things happen from that point for the Lewis family with the views of the local aboriginals greatly changing and all aboriginals were to be killed or chased out of Mudgee and all the surrounding areas

  42. How did you find Amelia Jane and marriage to Daniel Tindall born 1658 I have CD’s on baptism at Egham they don’t show anything about her a lot of marriages with the surname Jane but no connection. Ancestry is in a mess and no one has proof of Daniel Tindal’s marriage or Amelia’s baptism I have her burial with 2nd husband.

  43. Hello my name is Rona Seabrook and my convict William Chadwick arrived 16th December 1810 on the Indian from Southampton England. He had a daughter to a Aboriginal lady her name Jane born circa 1814. Jane married an Irish convict John Whaley [Whealey] . What happened to William is something I cannot find out does not matter what I have done to research. Any help you can give me would be so much appreciated. Thank you.Rona

  44. Researching: CORSTON
    William Bain Corston (married Louisa Thomas) who arrived Adelaide, Australia aboard ship ‘Asiatic’ in 1849 … I believe (maybe) from Orkney Islands or Scotland also his brother John Corston who arrived Adelaide South Australia in 1854 aboard the ship ‘Marion’ .

    Thank you in advance for any information you may have discovered
    Kind regards
    Barbara Joan Hann
    Mothers maiden name Valerie Corston

  45. John Turner “Mariner” 1816 married Elizabeth Humphries 1825 Pt. Macquarie. Elizabeth died in 1830. John then married Ellen Hamer/Aymer in Sydney in 1831. Two sons were baptised, William in 1834 and James in 1838.
    Ellen had a daughter Isabella, baptised in 1843. John was not mentioned as the father. Ellen was living at the Female Factory, Parramatta at the time of Isabella’s birth
    Somewhere between 1831 and 1838 John Turner left Sydney for Launceston TAS., where he married Mary Ann Bennett in 1838.
    They had six children, Margaret born 1839; Caroline born 1842; Mary Ann born 1844; William born 1846; Hannah born 1849 and Ellen born 1851. Their father, John, died in 1867, he was buried in Hobart.
    His second wife, Ellen, married Isaac Cannon in 1868 in Parramatta.
    Which leads me to believe that Ellen knew where John was and when he died, as she married her second husband the year after John died, thirty years after John married Mary Ann Bennett.
    Ellen Cannon, formerly Turner, nee Hamer/Amer died on 20th December, 1871, and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta.
    Her daughter, Isabella, married George Franks in 1861. They lived in the Ryde area.

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